This video is not the thing which I made. This video attached it to a magazine. Windows XP user.

Hi, it’s a quick live composition using FL Studio & free Glitch VST effect. VST used: Fruity Sampler Superwave P8 iloSynth Glitch Faders connected to: cutoff 1 of iloSynth cutoff 2 cutoff 1 of superwave P8 fruity reeverb – master track glitch – master track fruity love pfilter – master track Greetings, Sebastian

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  1. Can someone help me…. Everytime I install Glitch and put it in Fl studio it always says sorry but this plugin couldnt be found or opened, if this plugin has to be registered check that you registered it correctly????

  2. tomtefar1988 says:

    Do you get any error messages of any kind, or what is it that’s not working with it?
    try googe-ing your problem. I have no experience with Cubase =/

  3. MartyDutch says:

    @tomtefar1988 I know itsw the best….if it works on 64 bit win7.. can u think of sumting i could do wrong?? i use legal Cubase 6 as the host….And i still cant believe that a VST like that is freeware….

  4. tomtefar1988 says:

    I have 64-bit windows 7 and glitch runs just fine on my computer using FL studio. I’m using it all the time on my drums. Great VST, if not the best!

  5. aphex twin

  6. MartyDutch says:

    I wish that one would work on a 64-bit win7 system as well… its the best effectgenerator ever…… Effextrix is perfect too but not free………

  7. IM Glad i have a PC

  8. rabbidhedgehog says:

    i wish this was for mac. i’m sad.

  9. kendallbob says:

    i love this, and the fact that its free, but i hate the modulator. every other feature though gets a million thumbs up.

  10. iCarroller says:

    Drag it into you plug-in folder, then go to fl studio and refresh your chanels, then use the mixer to make it come up

  11. CristianGMinimal says:

    @ArtificialFlavaFTB2 go in vst folder in Plugin in imageline

  12. ArtificialFlavaFTB2 says:

    I really dont get how to install this. I upzip it… then what?

  13. EAARECORDS says:

    user mac?

  14. わかりやすい解説ありがとうございます

  15. bongoaudio says:

    Thx so much!

  16. MrRadiobase says:

    retrigger nice effect like JvD.

  17. GermanTeen1 says:

    Excellent Video.
    Thats it what i wanna see…
    all this color and their functions…!

    GREAT !

  18. Great video!

  19. i love this plugin best thing ever makes such a fresh new sound nuff respect dj mexx

  20. i need that!thx!!

  21. sneakytraxx2010 says:


  22. this veri good song respekt

  23. @Djdemolisher thanks!

  24. Djdemolisher says:

    good make :D

  25. @deejaydaniel15 thanks! BTW I use fl samples pack.

  26. deejaydaniel15 says:

    Awesome synth job dude!
    I would like to ask which drum/sample pack are you using? Vengeance?
    Or if you got some free time, check out my tracks!

  27. Dude help me! When i glitch my ”wub wub” pattern and put it on Playlist and repeat it, only every other wub wub pattern has the glitch effect on it! Please help me! :(

  28. @mysterio77690 yes, thanks man!

  29. mysterio77690 says:

    it’ s right at 1:32…just a little!.otherwise, the song sound nice!

  30. Is this the extented version or what? :)

  31. your studio is da shit

  32. @keremstrikeful thanks!

  33. @CariagaXIII of course it is a pro soft;)

  34. keremstrikeful says:

    good sound man

  35. CariagaXIII says:

    and they say fl studio aint professional , in their FACE

  36. @Penelopa56 Dziękuję Alicjo, życzę Ci miłego dnia, w Bydgoszczy środa zaczęła się pochmurnie, ale te chmurki na niebie, to jedyne z jakimi mamy tutaj do czynienia;)

  37. Penelopa56 says:

    Tego nie słuchałam…ale nietakt….a tak jest zmysłowo…nie uwolnię się od Twoich nutek…Pozdrawiam miło…Alicja..;))))

  38. @iPadTex yes, I know, it doesn’t sound good… thanks & greetings!


  39. Top, merci pour se bon moment, sauf les roulement comme a 1.32 j’aime moins le reste trés agréable, merci.


  40. @latschi71 thanks a lot Michael! Have a nice weekend!


  41. @Jackylvs7 thanks!

  42. Allways great to hear your new sounds!!! Let the beat goes on, greetings from Germany, Michael

  43. As usual…. damn good !!

  44. @MissCreamMuffin I’m glad you like it! Thanks!

  45. MissCreamMuffin says:

    I love your sounds!

  46. @27naturella super, że się spodobało. Dzięki i pozdrawiam serdecznie!


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